Raising My Rainbow

One of the absolute best things about having this blog is that it has enabled my family to meet and forge friendships with other families raising gender nonconforming kids.

We’ve found two families locally that we’ve gotten to know since summer. One of our gender nonconforming friends is a sweet little boy named C.K., who I’ve written about before. C.K. is five and wanted to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween. But, he was afraid that people would make fun of him, so he selected a Spiderman costume instead. Then, he was bummed that he didn’t get to be Minnie Mouse.

Well, he can be Minnie Mouse at our house! So, C.J. and I hosted our first annual gender nonconforming Halloween costume party. C.K. came dressed as Minnie Mouse and he brought his mom, dad and brother who was a ninja.

Our other friend T.L. came. He will be trick-or-treating…

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Spring 2013 color palette from Pantone! Reblogged from DENY Designs


It’s that time of year again!  With New York Fashion Week in full swing and designers showcasing their newest looks for Spring 2013, PANTONE has just revealed what colors you will see the most next year.

Now you can plan that Spring wardrobe ahead of time – just make sure it includes something that is ‘Monaco Blue’ – PANTONE’s top color for the spring fashion season of 2013. According to PANTONE Color Institute’s executive director, Leatrice Eiseman, she describes Monaco Blue as a “wonderful, calming and anchoring color” to the rest of collection.

What other colors can you expect next Spring? PANTONE’s other top 9 colors include ‘Dusk Blue’, ‘Emerald’, ‘Grayed Jade’, ‘Linen’, ‘Poppy Red’, ‘African Violet’, ‘Tender Shoots’, ‘Lemon Zest’ and ‘Nectarine’.

So, do you love or hate these color choices?

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Parallel Universes

Ok, sadly the images I wanted to share aren’t working, so hop over to Prada to check out the super cute GIFs by Vahram Muratyan.



Sandra Lee

Tilda Swinton


Kristen Wiig

Tyra Banks

Chelsea Handler

 Amy Poehler and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

Barbara Walters

Lisa Oz and Doctor Mehmet Oz

David Lauren and Lauren Bush

Stephen Colbert and Evelyn McGee-Colbert

Claire Danes

Senator Bill Bradley and NBA player Jeremy Lin

Photos: Getty

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What did Victoria’s Secret models look like back in the ’70s? I’m so glad you asked! No photoshopping in those days!


Renowned photographer Patrick Lichfield, who was commissioned to take photos of royals and celebrities is the subject of a new exhibit in London at the Little Black Gallery until May 26.

Good Morning America, 1990

Moscow Underground, 1989

Zilat Moscow University, 1989

Studio, London, 1992

Vintage, France, 1988

Checker Cab, New York, 1990

Karen Pini, France, 1978

Salt Flat, Death Valley, 1985

Girl On Snow, USSR, 1989

Photos: Patrick Lichfield/Unipart Group

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