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Fall In Love

Some of my favorites from the Harper’s Bazaar Aug. ’10 issue continued…
Ann Taylor Coat-$348.
I love a long, chic coat in the fall and the color of this Ann Taylor coat is so fitting. Pop the collar (just a little in the back, not full out jersey shore style) add some riding boots and a few simple pieces of jewelry.

Tom Binns Pendants-$125.
From brilliant veteran jewelry designer Mr. Tom Binns, known for his elegant couture designs comes this simple 3 pendant necklace. Simple, and still stunning.

Le Vian earrings-$2,358.
Simple, beautiful, elegant. What more can I say?

Ward Kelvin ring-$12,350.
I’ve always been a fan of a big cocktail ring and you can’t really go wrong with this Ward Kelvin piece. Like some kind of beautiful piece of abstract art, it will command attention on your finger.

Michael Kors watch-$250.
Some time ago I started looking for an over-sized watch and stumbled upon this one. I love everything about it-the colors, the size and the striking, prominent look of it. I just still need to get it…

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If there’s a time to splurge on something, this might be it.

The art & fashion publication Visionaire is paying tribute to the late, great Alexander McQueen with a limited edition bookof images inspired by Lee as well as contributions by many including American photographer Steven Klein, and Mcqueen’s muse Lady Gaga.

The book, Visionaire 58 Spirit, A Tribute to Lee Alexander McQueen will set you back $295. One of the reasons why? The pages are embedded with wildflower seeds which when planted and taken care of properly, will grow beautiful flowers.

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Violation of the day

This one is major…
It has bugged me for quite some time now and it is a HUGE red flag.

Ladies, if you see a man in



I don’t care how cute he is, or how much money he has, the man is a douchebag. You’re probably thinking, “But Christine, I can give him a makeover.” No. Once the Ed Hardy and Affliction go on, there is no going back.


These two individuals look like feces ol’ Christian produced himself

Look, plain & simple, just avoid it. Men, or women…if you’re wearing these items…seek help asap, because you probably don’t have much time left…

Until next time…
Peace, love and fashion : )

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A look in to fall

It’s almost here…
Well, not quite but if you went shopping anywhere you’d think so. Everywhere you go the fall and winter apparel is starting to make its way onto the floor, not to mention halloween candy and christmas decorations…but that’s another subject.
Being a dedicated Harper’s Bazaar subscriber, the fall ’10 issue came in the mail a few weeks ago. Once I opened it the reasons why I love fall so much came rushing back to me. My mom’s worried expression as I “oohed and ahhed” at every turn of the page. I could just imagine strolling in gorgeous boots looking at the vibrant shades of leaves, sipping a scrumptious cup of cider fireside in a cozy sweater. So, on that note I thought I would share some of my favorite things from the issue. Let me know your thoughts/questions.
peace,Y,and fashion : )

JCrew Blazer-$325. I absolutely love jcrew and adore this blazer. Perfect for fall, you can dress it up or down and its perfect with jeans and a pair of riding boots.
Sweater underneath Tommy Hilfiger, brooch Tory Burch.

Michael Kors Vest-$1,195.
Fur can be striking in many forms (faux of course, lets remember our PETA friends 😉 And while this may not be the perfect example of that, we’ll just use it for reference. It’s the perfect thing to throw on on a cool day when its not quite cold enough for a coat, and you’ll look perfectly chic in it.

BCBG Max Azria Dress-$348. Just because it’s getting cooler out doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in pants. This beautiful BCBG dress with somewhat retro feel will leave you feeling feminine and cozy on a crisp autumn day. Add a belt for a sexy cinched waist.

Cole Haan boot-$428.
Let’s face it-we can’t always wear heels, our feet need a break sometimes; and riding boots in the fall are becoming more and more popular. If you want a good shoe, Cole Haan won’t let you down. There might be initial sticker shock for some, but keep in mind that you’ll get your moneys worth as they won’t be falling apart on you the second day you wear them like so many do.

G.H. Bass & Co. Loafer-$89.
Some women might be scared by a shoe like this or think that they can’t pull it off. That it looks too much like a man’s shoe. However, think of how much sillier you look in that ridiculous hooker looking shoe that you can’t walk in and remember this shoe the next time you’re tumbling all over the place.
Pair with a great pair of jeans and a blazer or vest and voila! sexy and ready to go!

Dooney & Bourke bag-$350.
This is a perfect bag for fall. I believe many women need a bag intervention, particularly those who carry those bloody vera bradley bags which seem to be taking over the world. I don’t understand spending money on something that looks like your grandmother could make you.
A creamy brown, you can use the bag with nearly everything in your wardrobe, plus it straps across your body so you don’t have to worry about it getting in your way or falling off of your arm.

More favorites to come soon!….xoxo

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Hey all! I’m assuming most of you reading this already know me, but for those of you who don’t, my name is Christine and i’m 24 years old from Pittsburgh, PA.

Ever since I was young I’ve had an eye for fashion. It is something that has drawn me in and held me captive. From my own world of fashionistas, to the known world of celebrated fashion artists, I have drawn inspiration and knowledge.

I have wanted to create a blog for some time, simply to express my views on what is happening in the fashion world, as well as to hear from others; connect with other people who share the passion.
I hope to achieve this and learn a little something along the way as well.
peace, love, and fashion
-Cam : )

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