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When I saw this collection I thought of 12th century queens, knights, chivalry, courtly love…being a princess. But I also thought of boho chic….hmmm…princess/hippie? Whatever it is, I like it.


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Alessandro Dell’Acqua makes spring look comfortable and easy.  Starting with white, Dell’Acqua added splashes of color. The pieces towards the end of the collection scream spring to me.  The flowing, goddess like fabric is what one wants to be comfortable on a warm day and still look fashionable.

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Sitting on campus today, I struggled to wake up having gone to bed a little later than usual.  Attempting to do my work, and hoping my coffee would kick in soon, I decided to check on London Fashion Week on my Itouch, and the first thing I saw was Alexander McQueen’s memorial service, accompanied by this picture:

Picture: Long-time muse Daphne Guinness.

Insane. THEN I see they played Adagio for Strings, among other pieces.  Chills.

I ran to a computer to blog.

So, one of my favorite designers, and one of my favorite pieces of music.  It had to have been an amazing service…

Sarah Jessica Parker

wearing black frocked coat from the preview Spring/Summer 2011 collection with buckled stilettos and a clutch bag from A/W 10.

Stella McCartney

Wearing her own label.

Kate Moss

Moss wore a leather dress from McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2008 collection with an Yves Saint Laurent smoking jacket and Louboutin stilettoes – despite the fact that Alexander preferred his clothes ‘pure’, never mixed with other designers. Moss was a close friend and muse of McQueen for more than a decade.


McQueens platforms proved to be too high for even the best of them.

Naomi Campbell

Wearing a bold feather jacket and high boots with floral detail from McQueen’s last collection, the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection.

Anna Wintour

Wintour wore a coat embroidered with gold birds from McQueen’s preview Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, the first under the full control of the label’s new creative director, Sarah Burton.

Designer Pam Hogg

Kate, Sir David and wife Lucy

Bagpipers play outside

Steps of St. Pauls Cathedral

Cover of service

Taken by renowned photographer David Bailey.

McQueen and his mum


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Let’s jet set to London shall we? Williamson wasn’t the first show in London, but he’s the first one I decided to showcase because, well because I’m random like that I suppose.

I love this collection.  The colors, the details, the decisions on what to feature.  There’s something for everyone.  Williamson explained his vision for the collection:

“My storyboard is a girl marooned on a deserted island,” he said. “She has her Western wardrobe, and over time she becomes one with nature, picking up organic textures and materials.”

How could one be sad on a desert island if she had this wardrobe??

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This has to be my favorite collection that I’ve seen thus far.  Every piece is exquisite.  The palette of powdery pastels is a visual splender to the eye.  Badgley Mischka have created fashion heaven.

Side note; Unfortunately, I can only add 20 photos.  Otherwise, I would have shown every piece.  However, enjoy a little slice of perfection.


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I was excited to see what Marchesa had come up with for their s/s 2011 line.  However, I am, dare I say it, disappointed.

There were less than a handful of gowns out of the collection I liked, with many of the others looking as though they had the models measurements drastically wrong, drowning in a sea of fabric.  My other problems were what is it with the repeated trend of short dress in the front, long in the back? it’s like the fashion mullet, I understand certain staples are always going to be constant, like the ruffles…but its a little ridiculous…the one dress looks like ruffled up toilet paper, and finally (for now) I’m so over the grecian look…can we please get creative with something else?


sister maria did you make another outfit from your curtians

the one that i did like…it kind of reminds me of mcqueen

i like the middle piece, but not with the rest of it

i hate this pulling up the sides. it looks like a diaper or something

someone help me out with this one…i cant remember, but i know this looks just like a dress from the past

semi like it…reminds me of tim burton for some reason

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