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Rosemary’s Baby?

Are you kidding me? Ok, part of me wanted to be all…aww she’s cute at first but ugghh! if her parents want to do her any favors they’ll tell her to quit talking like that and kick her ass a little. (ok maybe a little harsh?)

Oh and I’m sure Karl Lagerfeld and DVF can sleep well tonight knowing they’ve been validated by the mini Teresa Giudice.


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Meet Me at the Met

The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art has confirmed they are to honor Alexander McQueen with an exhibit featuring roughly 100 pieces of McQueen’s work.

The exhibit will focus on postgraduate student styles through his tenure at Givenchy and to the collection presented posthumously after he committed suicide in February.

The tribute, which is sure to be extraordinary is to open May 4 and will run until July 31 of 2011.

Ok, whos couch am I sleeping on?


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Beat It

Well, who didn’t see this comin.

Michael Jackson has been a fashion icon his entire life, inspiring many different looks. Now it seems as though the remaining members/brothers of The Jackson 5: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Randy and Marlon Jackson are money hungry…uh, inspired by Mikes looks and are launching a line, called J5 which will hit places such as Urban Outfitters, Kitson and their website,

The collection will include replicas of the leather jackets Michael wore in the “Thriller” and “Beat It” videos for about $600 and a series of t-shirts priced from $32 to $58.

Jackie Jackson spoke with Women’s Wear Daily, telling them: “The jackets are incredible. They are the real thing. I didn’t really think of them as tributes to Michael in the beginning, but that’s what they are. They represent everything he stood for and everything he’s done in this industry, 100 percent.”

He added, “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. I’ve seen other friends be successful with their lines, like Puffy with Sean John. I’ve been in this business for a long time and our name is known around the world.”

Ok, so we’ll try to look at it as them paying tribute (I’ve never had a problem with the Jackson’s before, I love them actually, I don’t know where the lil devil in me is coming from)

My problem with this is….everyone is going to look like a mj wanna-be douche bag. Might not be politically correct, but what post on here is? Michael was always original in everything he did, so if you want to honor him, shouldn’t you be original in your every day life? I just know I’m gonna be walking down the street, see some toolbox in a piece from this line and a lil piece of me is going to die inside.

Although, I do possibly envision my brother snatchin up one of the beat it jackets…not at $600 though…to relive his child-hood (he had one, and I don’t know what happened to it.) also, he had a chance to go to an mj concert when he was young and he didn’t do his homework, so he wasn’t allowed to go. I’m surprised he’s still alive. I’m surprised my parents are still alive. ALWAYS DO YOUR HOMEWORK KIDS.

The Line(which the brothers started working on a week after MJ’s funeral) hits shelves Feb. Footwear and glasses to come.

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I’ve been so intrigued by Delfina Delettrez Fendi as of late. Some people feel her jewelry is a bit too dark for them but I think the pieces are stunning and original. In particular, the skeleton bracelet. Love love love. A bit pricey however, I believe it is somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000.
Can you drive it?

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