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In 2006, PopXpress, a UK chain of stores dedicated to iPod and MP3 accessories, unveiled the iPop Bra, a product designed to help people keep “abreast of music”:

Photo: Slate

The new bra incorporates a concealed pocket for your iPod or MP3 player and control buttons built into the fabric. Available in white or black and in cup sizes ranging from A to F, the ipopBra has been designed so you can keep the smallest of gadgets right next to your biggest assets. [Museum of Hoaxes]

This of course, was an April Fool’s joke.



One more…

Oh Benefit, you jokesters you.

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Video: British Pathe

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Saw this and had to share it…Star Wars characters in high fashion.

Photos: BuzzFeed

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Jason Wu Wu!

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As if the world didn’t carry on enough about Angelina Jolie‘s leg at last nights Oscars, a Twitter account has been made and now a blog.

Sorry Tebow, but the hottest thing to do now is “Angelia Jolie’ing“.

The moment the world changed.

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