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A short time ago I joined the website “Fashion Blogs” and I’m glad I did. I entered their contest where one blog wins each week for 20 weeks (I believe they just picked winner #15). Each winner gets $100 to spend at R-Chameleon (who doesn’t love that?) I was the winner for week 14.
The grand prize winner will win an Ipad 2, an $8000 spread in Runway Magazine, and $500 to spend at R-Chameleon. Needless to say, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

What did I use my $100 for at R-Chameleon?

A Coach bag! I apologize for the quality of the photos, they’re from my phone…I have no idea what I did with the transfer cable to my camera : (

The website has pre-owned designer handbags (among many other things), meaning the bags consist of store returns, store displays, or slight bruising. I did have to put about $50 towards the bag on top of my cash voucher, but $50 for a Coach bag? I’ll take it! As for the condition of the bag, the description noted there were a few scratches on the bottom, but you can’t see them at all. And as for delivery, it came super quick. That is until we missed the postman at the door and my mom jumped in the car in her night gown and chased him down to get my bag. Best. Mom. Ever.

There’s still time to nominate yours or a friends blog. Just hop on over to Fashion Blogs.

Once the 20 weeks is up (May 19) a winner will be voted to win the whole shebang. The votes come from the blog’s readers during a 14 day period, so this is where I need your help. I would be incredibly grateful if you vote for me, it would mean the world. Until then…

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Along with being 4/20 (you jagoffs, quit smokin’), the anniversary of Columbine, The Pens Play-off game (had to squeeze that in there) and Cover the Night, it’s Hitler’s birthday. No, this post isn’t to wish him a happy birthday.

It had me thinking about the Holocaust and a woman I once met when I was in high school. She was a Holocaust survivor and author of the memoir “How Beautiful We Once Were“, which I purchased from her and she included a note inside. (I can’t tell you what it said right now, I’m not at home where the book is).

Marga Silbermann Randall was such a strong and compassionate person and it was such an honor to meet her. It left me curious about her today so I Googled her and found out she passed away in 2005. The Post-Gazette wrote a lovely obituary that you should read.

For someone to go through so much evil and remain human is incredible. I’m not sure I could do it. Let’s take this time to remember those who were unfortunate beings (both in the Holocaust and Columbine) and remember them.

Remember what they say,” Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it“. 

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Day 7: Your dream wedding.

Photo: laughingsquid

I can’t say I’m like most girls who have dreamt of her wedding all her life. You know, they have thought about the dress and every single detail. I’d be lying if I said I have.

I certainly haven’t met the person yet. Or as my mom says “found a victim” yet. Although the only time I’ve ever wanted to believe something a psychic said was when my mom went to one and she told her there was an older man watching me (creepy) and he’s rich. She said this man would be my husband.

Yo, where he be?

Until then, I’ll be thinking of every day life. Hopefully I will have a wedding one day, and if my loved ones are there and I’m wearing a gorgeous dress (shopping for it should be a lot of fun, I like things until I get them home) it’ll be a dream wedding.

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Day 6: A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

We have a groundhog (who I named George) in the back yard and because there’s probably something wrong with me, he entertains me. I always tell my mom I’m going to bring him in the house so he can hang out. George seems to make big appearances on holidays, like last Easter when I looked out of the window, and there was George on Easter morning…

Thanks for all the laughs George (if you’re reading this on your computer).

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Day 5: A picture of yourself two years ago.

I believe this is me (well I know it’s me) about two years ago. Was a redhead then…

…for a while. I changed hair colors quite a bit then and I always find myself missing colors I don’t have.

Anyone else get bored with their hair?

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Day 3: A picture of your best friend.

I have several pictures that I love of my best friend, but I decided to go with this one…

My dog Gracie around Christmas time maybe two years ago?

She’s actually my father’s dog so I only see her on occasion, but she has spent Christmas with us for a number of years now. It’s true what they say about animals. They’re always there for you (although I guess she isn’t since she doesn’t live with me…) uh what was I saying? Oh yea, they don’t judge you…although she looks at me like she is most of the time. Hm, she sucks doesn’t she?

Nooooo just kidding. I love that dog more than life (ok, maybe a bit much) and she always makes me smile. Cue the “aww” signs!

Do you have any animal friends? : )

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Day 3: A picture of your favorite store.

I will never forget the first (and only time unfortunately) that I went into Saks. Time stood still. I’m pretty sure my brother had to wipe drool from my mouth. I may have only been there once (need to go back to NYC soon) but it is a magical, lovely place that can probably cure terminal illnesses.

Photo: Flickr

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