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Gorgeous women including Dancing with the Stars’ Maria Menounos and Smash star Debra Messing posed for Allure. Oh yea, they were completely naked.

Allure’s Annual Naked Truth photo shoot for the May 2012 issue features some pretty amazing bodies. I’m sure airbrushing was involved, but it’s hard to deny how great these women look.

Debra Messing

At 43, Messing’s decision to pose nude came from a natural process of self-acceptance. “Once you have a child, once you pass 40, you have a different relationship with your body,” she said. “I love my body in a way I never have before.” And the parts she loves the most? “My shoulders, clavicle, and chest,” she explains. “I started out in dance—there’s something beautiful about a dancer’s upper body. I love strapless dresses.”

Maria Menounos

As a teen beauty-pageant contestant, Menounos received low swimsuit scores. “I was hippy and I didn’t diet for contests. And it didn’t bother me,” she says. The 33-year-old Extra host has a healthy attitude about her body, but that doesn’t mean she’s comfortable getting naked. In fact, she’s so hesitant to be bare it all that she’s afraid of getting pregnant because of how much she’d have to expose. “I have some serious issues here,” she admitted. “But I want to get over that.” She looked to this photo shoot to cure to her shyness, and it may have worked: “This was definitely challenging,” she said, “but I feel so much better having done it.”

Leslie Bibb

Following an indulgent two-week vacation, Bibb, 37, went on a four-day juice cleanse to get ready for her shoot. “It was an angry four days,” says Bibb. “Sam [Rockwell, her boyfriend] was like, ‘Thank God I’m not with you right now. You are not nice on the juice cleanse.'” Luckily, prepping her skin was an easier chore, as she stopped off at a Korean spa for a body scrub pre-shoot. “Everybody’s naked there, and I don’t mind,” she said. “But I’m like a cat with a feather anytime I see a boob job. I can’t look away.”

Taraji P. Henson

“My friends won’t be surprised by this shoot,” Henson said. “Whenever we go to the beach, I’m like, ‘Is this a nude beach? Can I take my top off?'” With that kind of bravado, it’s no wonder that the 41-year-oldPerson of Interest actress isn’t afraid to parade around naked—even at her New York City home, with zero curtains on the floor-to-ceiling windows. “I know some idiot has a telescope, so I always wave,” she said. “He’s going to be pissed when I move.”

Morena Baccarin

After stripping down for a sex scene on Homeland, Baccarin, 32, wanted to take a more subtle approach to nudity for this shoot. “I didn’t want it to be an overload, like ‘That girl is always taking off her clothes,'” she said. “This is for the art of it. It’s beautiful.” And though she was raised in a household with a liberal, laid-back attitude towards the body (“I saw my mom in her underwear more than my friends saw theirs,” she said), she’s not quite a nudist: “I don’t do any naked activities except for the obvious ones. No cooking naked. That’s dangerous.”

Photos/Info: Allure

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There are so many box-subscriptions out there today, how do you know what one to try? I had mentioned that I was extremely disappointed with BirchBox, and put my sample days behind me.

I was then contacted by someone who told me about Sample Society, from and Allure and I am now re-thinking this whole thing.

A Sample Society membership will give you (monthly):

-“Five deluxe-size samples from premium brands such as By Terry, Dermalogica, Fekkai Advanced, and Bond No. 9. Samples are deluxe-size, meaning they are intended for more than one use, allowing customers to truly experience and test products’ efficacy.”

-“Original content written by Allure editors with each month’s samples, giving the customer relevant expert information that can optimize her experience and ultimately help her make purchase decisions.

-“A $15 gift code that can be used toward the purchase of any product from the featured brands received that month (not just the specific product sampled), meaning that each box pays for itself .”

-Members also receive a one-year subscription to Allure as an added bonus.

As with most sample subscriptions, there is a waiting list as membership is limited.

Take a look inside March’s box:

Fekkai Advanced Glossing Cream (1.6 oz), Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (.45 oz), REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask (15 ml), Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Pen(.14 oz) and Oscar de la Renta Espirit D’Oscar Eau de Parfum Rollerball (.1 fl oz).

So, will you try Sample Society?

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Fergie is on this month’s cover of Allure magazine and is following a trend I’ve noticed is really taking off this season. No pants. Although I truly believe someone in my family (who shall remain nameless) is responsible for this trend.

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