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Jacqueline Traide volunteered to participate in a shocking experiment that was done to raise awareness about what animals go through when they have cosmetics tested on them.
I’m pretty sure all of us know that some companies test on animals, but do we really think about it?

Maybe these images will bring the realization that this is an awful process.


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Photos: Pantonism

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Day 6: A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

We have a groundhog (who I named George) in the back yard and because there’s probably something wrong with me, he entertains me. I always tell my mom I’m going to bring him in the house so he can hang out. George seems to make big appearances on holidays, like last Easter when I looked out of the window, and there was George on Easter morning…

Thanks for all the laughs George (if you’re reading this on your computer).

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Photos: Pantonism

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That damn Uggie. He’s so cute. Last night when I was watching the Oscars, I said to my mom, “I almost want the Artist to win so Uggie goes up on stage”.

And you know what…I’m convinced that’s why Uggie was in the movie…they were looking to get an Oscar and what decent human being can deny the cuteness of a dog? Genius move guys…I mean, the movie might be good too (haven’t seen it).

Uggie conducting interviews pre-Oscars

Relaxing at the hotel.

Every big star has to get into their best outfit for the awards.

Hittin’ the red carpet.

Winners! (Where’s the dog’s Oscar?)


I hope he at least got a nice bone.

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Some meerkats got into the holiday spirit by exploring a pumpkin and trying it on for size…


Hmmm what is it??

Need a lift?

Dammit Charlie I told you not to put your head in there!

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Now, I have a problem with the rabbit bit…I don’t like violence against animals (if anything, hurt a person first) but Fatal Attraction is a classic. Take note men, don’t screw around (or you’ll get more than your bunny boiled).

24 years later, Glenn Close and Michael Douglas posed for a picture for Entertainment Weekly, bunny included.

They look quite lovely, no? According to Entertainment Weekly’s reunion special, Close explained, “The bunny was the one thing I had a question about. I took the script to a psychiatrist and said, is this behaviour possible? Could somebody do something like that?The answer was yes,” Close said.

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