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Have you ever tried Sally Hansen Nail Effects? I tried them once and didn’t care for them but I find myself wanting to try them again, thinking I was rushing it last time, which is probably why they didn’t turn out so good.

Designer Prabal Gurung and singer Avril Lavigne are two individuals who have collaborated with Sally Hansen to bring new nail effects.

One of Prabal Gurungs, which is based on his spring 2012 collection.

Prabal Gurung

Avril Lavigne’s collection

What ones are your favorite? Will you be buying any of them?

Photos: Glamour

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If you haven’t heard of Birchbox, it’s a beauty box that you can subscribe to in order to recieve “deluxe samples”.

There are three options: $110 for 12 months (one free month)

$10 per month, or a gift birchbox with 12, 6, and 3 month options.

I thought I’d give it a go after seeing some of the things people got, and you can cancel at any time.

I wasn’t exactly expecting wonderful, full-size products, but when it finally came today, I was extremely disappointed.

What I got, in detail:

-Color Club nail laquer in He Loves Me

-Harvey Prince Ageless scent

-Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint

-Orofluido Beauty Elixir

-Stila Smoky Eye Card

-‘Bonus’ Tea Forte skin-smart teas

As you noticed, they are all very small samples. Hopefully, I’ll actually be able to sample them. Take my suggestion and skip Birchbox. Save your money.

*More to come when I try the samples!

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It’s always mentioned how Demi Moore is defying aging and looks so fantastic, and while she does, she doesn’t look THIS young.

Moore posed for a Helena Rubinstein campaign but I don’t think she looked like this naturally.

Looks more like Dita Von Teese, no?

Recent picture of Moore

Photos: Wireimage

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As I’ve said before, I’m obsessed with Essie. It’s definitely my favorite nail polish and the colors are always so fantastic. Check out the spring 2012 collectionNavigate Her.

Navigate Her

To Buy or Not to Buy

Tour de Finance 

Ole Caliente

Orange It’s Obvious

A Crewed Interest

Get the new spring collection here!

Photos: Essie

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It’s no secret we live in a world that is obsessed with appearance. Many undergo the knife to achieve the “perfect” look, but there are many who go way too far. This is one of those instances.

New York based artist Phillip Toledano “A New Kind of Beauty” explores whether human faces and bodies redesigned using extensive surgery could ever be considered an example of beauty.

I’m interested in what we define as beauty, when we choose to create it ourselves.
Beauty has always been a currency, and now that we finally have the technological means to mint our own, what choices do we make?

Is beauty informed by contemporary culture? By history? Or is it defined by the surgeon’s hand? Can we identify physical trends that vary from decade to decade, or is beauty timeless?
When we re-make ourselves, are we revealing our true character, or are we stripping away our very identity?
Perhaps we are creating a new kind of beauty. An amalgam of surgery, art, and popular culture? And if so, are the results the vanguard of human induced evolution? [Mr]

If this is beauty, keep me ugly.

Photos: Toledano


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Photos: Pantonism

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