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Divorce rings. Yep, now there are rings you can wear to represent your divorce. They think of everything, don’t they?

“Mourning is not just about dead people, it is also about dead relationships and decaying marriages. Today, 42% of the marriages finish by divorce in UK and 38% in France. My divorce jewellery refers to old and contemporary wedding customs to illustrate this sort of mourning. As a French, most of these customs come from France as the Bride Globe which it is a present to the bride to put her bouquet and her crown after the wedding. All the decoration inside symbolize the union and give luck to the marriage. I use union and marriage symbols and subvert them to show the inevitability of the breakup, but also show that from these ashes may raise a new life.” []

Hopefully you got a nice settlement in the divorce, because they’re over $1,000.

Check out the rings here.

Photos: Bottica

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Recent jewelry purchases:

1: Jane Studs (, Send the Trend) $25.00

2: Grandmother’s ring given to me by mom: priceless

3. Gold And Blue Multi Color Starfish Earrings (Hautelook, brand: Fornash) $45.00 on Fornash’s website, got them for about half price on Hautelook.

4. Strikeplate earrings ( $22.00 (Designer: Robynn Molino)

5. Day of the Dead earrings from my brother when he went to Texas.

Sorry for the shiny/waxy looking ear :-/

They’re keys from a typewriter! ‘M’ for my last name

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I shared a picture Tabatha Coffey Tweeted of herself on the way to the Oscars. I have since found out the beautiful cuff she was wearing was a winning design from the Rio Tinto Diamonds Global Design Competition. Coffey was one of several actresses who chose a piece from the winning designs. Others included Marcia Gay Harden and Allison Janney of “The Help”.

Coffey wore “The Sands of Time” cuff designed by Vijayshree Sovani/manufactured by Interjewel USA.

See the cuff on Coffey below, along with the rest of the actresses.

Tabatha Coffey wearing “The Sands of Time”.

Allison Janney wearing the “Nature’s Beauty” cuff, byJoseph Weinreich featuring Silvermist Diamonds™

Marcia Gay Harden poses in the StyleLab jewelry suite in the “Canoe Necklace”by Reena Ahluwalia/manufactured by Crossworks Manufacturing. 

Marcia Gay Harden with the “Tyger, Tyger” fan, designed by Nadia Neuman/manufactured by Mondial.

Barbara Eve Harris in the “World of Champagne Earrings”, designed by Nejal Mehta/manufactured by A’Star Jewelry.

Barbara Eve Harris in the “Creator”, designed by V. Saravanan/manufactured by ‘TANISHQ and FOLEY Designs.

“Desert Rose” bracelet designed by Stacey Lindsell/manufactured by Diarough, Uni-Design.

“The Silvermist Express” bangle designed by Dean Walker/manufactured by Dean Walker Designs.

Pictures/info:Katie Matulonis, Goldstein Communications Inc. 

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I love Cartier (who wouldn’t??) Trust me, I’d rather get a red box over a blue one any day.

Check out the new commercial for Cartier–or film rather, L’Odyssée de Cartier: “a journey between dream and reality.
For the very first time, Cartier has decided to create a cinema epic focusing on its history, its values and inspiration, its artistic and universal scope.” [Cartier]

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Not for the serious biker...but for the seriously fashionable. Fendi bicycle, $9,995, 212-759-4646

Loree Rodkin ring, $23,000

E. Vogel Custom Boots

E. Vogel Custom Boots

Burberry Folded Panel Wool Coat With Leather Buttons, $2,595.00

Jimmy Choo Glitter Platform Pump, $795

Fitzgerald Saxxon Herringbone 1818 Suit,

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Fellow blogger VIPXO is having a 2000 follower giveaway and it is amazing. There will be six winners in this giveaway.

So what are the prizes?

This funky fun bag Batiste dry shampoo

A ‘true to color’ palette from Costal Scents

A selection of jewelry from bloggers:

Rainbow Rocks, BOHOBOHO,Bijoux Dolly, This Charming GirlThis super cute cushion from Sass & Belle

And finally, a selection of VIPXO’s favorite beauty products and a bow belt.

So, what do you need to do to get your paws on these lovely products?


 – Giveaway ends at midnight Wednesday 10th August(GMT)

– This is open to anyone (as long as you follow VIPXO’s blog!)
– Winners will be chosen using
– To enter comment VIPXO’s post saying ‘ENTER ME’
– For 2 chances of winning this giveaway, please Tweet @vipxo is having a giveaway! Click here for a chance of winning..
– For 3 chances of winning post a link about this giveaway on your blog/sidebar

(Don’t forget to show VIPXO your posts and tweets otherwise she wont be able to count them)

Good Luck!! 🙂

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Patch NYC is a fantastic company started by designers Don Carney and John Ross in 1997. The company which originated as a hat company has grown into scarves, jewelry, home decor, and fashion accessories.

Swallow PlatterScissors PinFedora Candle

Double mixed Fabric Scarf

Paris Lock Pin

Skull Bowl

Clovers & Shamrocks Necklace

Paris Between the Wars

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