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Actress frequent lawbreaker, and jailbird Lindsay Lohan somehow scored an invite to “one of the most anticipated events of the year” Kim Kardashian‘s wedding.

Lohan wore the Temperley gown, which you may remember seeing on Pippa Middleton in emerald after her sister Kate’s wedding to Prince William.

Lohan in the Temperley gown, in white.

Pippa Middleton in the Temperley gown in emerald, after the royal wedding.

Which one is the mother?


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Like her sister, Pippa too modeled in a charity fashion show, back in 2004 with a group of Edinburgh University undergrads.

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Kate and sister Pippa Middleton attended the wedding of Sam Waley Cohen and Bella Ballin today. The couple is credited with bringing Kate and William back together after their split n 2007.

Images: Flynet

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Yes, there’s an actual award for “Rear of the Year”, and it did not go to the Pipps, but to TV presenter Carol Vorderman.

Apparently, the Award’s organizer Tony Edwards told The Express that voting for the honor has been going on all year, while the world has only noticed Pippa’s behind since April 29th. Edwards also mentioned Vorderman has a mass of websites dedicated to her bottom.

Aw, all of it is so lovely, eh?

Pippa at the Goring Hotel's Beach party, London.

Images: Splash News Online

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Hey, have you heard…Pippa Middleton is like, kinda popular. So much so, that apparently, in terms of media coverage, the Pipps has surpassed Kate with over 60 stories broadcast about her in the last week alone. What could they possibly be? Here’s Pippa walking. Here’s Pippa sitting. Pippa smiling. Pippa shopping. Pippa being rich. Pippa getting into her car you can never afford.

Images: INF Daily

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According to Pippa Middleton is the most searched female on the celeb style charts, beating out The X Factor’s Cheryl Cole.

Not only that, but Pippa is the most searched for celeb on fashion site The Mirror, coming out ahead of big sister Catherine. Which Middleton do you think is more fashionable?

Images: Pacific Coast News Online

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Pippa Middleton went on a weekend holiday to Madrid with friends, so of course I’m bringing you pictures to view. Is this exciting? I don’t think so, but I’m still not into the royal wedding hype, although I must say after all of this royal wedding business (strictly for blogging purposes of course), I’m a Kate fan. Ms. Pippa needs to get over herself.

At least Pippa doesn’t have that horrible orange glow now, and apparently, the bag she carried while on the trip (which she has carried before) has now been coined the Pippa bag. It’s avaliable from Modalu, and will only set you back £149.00.

Lookin' like Kate

Looking a little p.o.'d

Images: Bauer Griffin online

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