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I watched game 5 at the Hofbrauhaus in Pittsburgh and took a picture of an unsuspecting, freaked out woman. I loved the color combo she had on and had planned on getting some more pictures, but the hockey game had my full attention. So, here’s the start of my street style photos.


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New spring/summer 2012 clothes from local boutique Pavement in Lawrenceville.

Photos: Pavement/Joe Kennedy

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Football season can’t come soon enough…

Photos: Steelers

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Video: WQED

Fred McFeely Rogers, from Latrobe PA is best known for his show Mister Rogers Neighborhood.

Originally educated to be a minister, Rogers started to perform on and write for TV because he was displeased with the way TV addressed young children.

Mister Rogers Neighborhood began in 1968 and lasted until 2001.

Rogers started each show the way he did in the video; by coming into his home while singing the theme song “Won’t you be my neighbor?”, and changing into his famous choice of cardigan and sneakers.

Care to emulate Fred’s outfit? With a bit of an update that is…

Fred Rogers

And if you really want to be dedicated, throw on a tie. (Also, I realize I don’t have a zip-up cardigan in the layout, but pretend that I do).

“If you could only sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to the people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.”
-Fred Rogers : )

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The ‘Burgh

Thought this was a pretty cool photo–taken by Jason Furda of the cities skyline last night.

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We yinzers obviously love St. Patricks Day, and why not? It’s another excuse to drink. With the second largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the country, there will be many Pittsburgh’ers in need of green gear.

St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Yinzer t-shirt: $23.40

St. Patrick’s Day 2012-Pittsburgh, PA t-shirt: $27.95

I Love (Shamrock) Pittsburgh t-shirt : $25.30

Reebook Pittsburgh Penguins Kris Letang St. Patrick’s O’Player Name & Number tee-$24.99

Drink Up Yinz Irish t-shirt: $27.75

Old Time Hockey Pittsburgh Penguins: $39.99

City of Drinking Champions t-shirt: $29.90

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Held in Southside Works, I got a chance to preview Maniac Magazine‘s latest issue before it hits the shelves.

If you’re like one of the many young women who watch “Pretty Little Liars” (you know you are), you are familiar with Aria Montgomery, or Lucy Hale.

Hale is Maniac Magazine’s February/March cover girl.

In the interview, Hale tells how she began her career as a singer and transitioned to actress at the young age of 15.

Along with her roots, Hale talks about the L word. “So many people want to believe that Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz) and I are dating. He is a close friend,” Hale said.

Hale also speaks about what everyone wants to know–who is A?

“This season, viewers will find out who “A” is,” Hale said.
(Cue dramatic music) And for those who read the books…is it who you think it is?

Page 17

The rest of the issue offers many different subjects, like a beautiful photo spread  titled “J’adore Paris”. I want all of the clothes from this editorial! Take a peek at two of the photos.

Page 32

Maniac’s February/March issue offers plenty of advice and gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, even a “Single Girls Guide to Valentine’s Day”

Page 47

Something for everyone, “Maniac” covers music, including All American Rejects, TV with ABC’s “Castle” Seamus Dever, and a style profile of Homestead native Pamelyn McMahon.

Page 24

The rest of the evening was filled with plenty of time to get pampered and pretty.

We bloggers were offered fantastic goodies, including Simple Sugars Scrub, Modcloth, Esspa KozmeticaStella & Dot jewelry, White Diamond VodkaIC Light (Mango), sushi from Tamari Restaurant and Lounge, massages from Lavida Massage, and make-up by Katherine Reel.

Maniac even had Harmony Salon on-site to do haircuts and styling, which I couldn’t pass up.

My kick-ass Harmony Salon stylist trying to tame my unruly hair.
Pic via: The Pittsburgh Look

 A staple for any Pittsburgh fashonista, Maniac Magazine is a sure bet. The crew at Maniac did a great job again, with The Love Issue. Make sure you pick it up!
Maniac Magazine website
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Photos: Maniac Magazine

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