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The fine people of The Cut tested Bethenny Frankel’s SkinnyGirl products and I’m incredibly shocked by their findings.

I’m still not convinced the second photo wasn’t photoshopped, even though it says “No photoshop was used.” Take a look for yourself…


Obviously she doesn’t really need any type of undergarments to start with, but the end result is pretty astounding.

The young lady in the photos has the Alluring Shaping Bodysuit on: $40.00

They also gave a run down on SkinnyGirl’s beauty products:

(Clockwise from top) Tinted Daily Moisturizer  Thankfully scent-free, rubs in smooth, and leaves a light shimmer.

Vitamin C Face Scrub  Smells like strawberry-flavored Sour Straws but exfoliates like a handful of wet sand. It contains shea butter, which leaves skin feeling soft.

Energizing Lip Shine  A bit sticky and sweet, almost like honey, without calories.

Body Shimmer  Great, if you like your skin more shiny than shimmery, with an indistinguishable color change, and a greasy residue.

Cool Your Feet Spray  Like peppermint mouthwash, for your feet.

Detox Face Mask  Practically odorless, soothing, and probably most effective hangover cure when used after the Margarita Bath Collection.

Do you use SkinnyGirl products?

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